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Full Outboard Cover (2000mm)

Our Full Outboard Cover goes beyond our proven Standard Outboard Cover by offering protection for your entire motor.

  • Soft felt lining for superior scratch protection
  • Zip up leg section with draw string ensures a snug fit every time
  • UV-resistant, weather-proof and water-resistant fabric
  • Reinforced top-stitched seams
  • Available in 8 sizes, for both 2- & 4-stroke motors
MA 075-1 1260mm Up to 6hp 980mm
MA 075-2 1400mm 8hp to 15hp 1100mm
MA 075-3 1500mm 15hp to 20hp 1250mm
MA 075-4 1650mm 20hp to 30hp 1370mm
MA 075-5 1800mm 30hp to 60hp 1440mm
MA 075-6 2000mm 60hp to 100hp 1700mm
MA 075-7 2260mm 115hp to 150hp 1900mm
MA 075-8 2480mm 175hp to 250hp 1970mm