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Bone Combat Beast 368CBB664RXH


Combat Beast 6'6" 4-piece Travel Regular Baitcast 
Line: 10-40lb
Lure: 70g

Combat Beast is built specifically to take on the biggest predators fishing can throw at you. Crafted using high performance toray carbon material, the blanks have a fast taper that allows for a solid hook set and a high back bone that allows the angler to turn the heads of ppwerful fish. A 4 axis carbon slit cross wrapping eliminates blank twist and reinforces the overall structural stability giving these rods incredible strength and ultimate performance in the field. The rods are fitted with high quality Fuji components including Fuji K-SIC guides that have been optimally placed to maximise blank integrity, making the Combat Beasts the ultimate perormance rods developed to take on the ultimate beast. And to consolidate just how good these rods are, the Combat Beast 4-piece Travel (368CBB664RXH) won Rod of the Year at the 2017 AFTA Trade Show. Testament to their design and build.