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Spotters Rebel Sunglasses


This eyewear has been designed and made for you if:

>  You have your own personal star quality
>  You appreciate outstanding design
>  You want sunnies so comfortable you can wear them all day, every day
>  You want to experience incredible visual clarity

Rebel will take you seamlessly from fighting big marlin and penetrating the glare off huge swells to a beer and a BBQ with your mates.  Rebel is the only eyewear that fuses ultimate visual clarity with comfort and classic style.

The Design Philosophy

The design for Rebel took its inspiration from the iconic movie star styling of the 50’s – think James Dean, Marlon Brando, Marilyn Monroe.  Bold.  Strong.  Unapologetic.  Unique. 

Beautiful retro styling incorporates an embracing lens curve to gently wrap your face and deliver ultimate glare protection.  The lines of the frame have been selectively moulded to incorporate classic fluid elements – eliminating flat and boring.  We have developed a slim temple design with a sweeping curve to keep your eyewear secure and removed any barrier to sliding these sunglasses on quickly and effortlessly.  Rebel’s finishing touch is the bold temple branding.

Product Settings:

Lens style